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Great. Thanks for that info. I didn't know that. I reset my tank by mistake already twice so i can't use my stats on this tank unless i pump up soon and start over. May do that after i get VSS right. Ok so 2 and mini 2.5 test is done. I will test 3 time tommorow.
To recap. Here is what i did.

Speedo test. Pre-test. I checked GPS speed and got closest i got few times was 8086 and 8090 and i settle on 8090 for testing.

1st test drive of 8090
11.80m guino x 8090vss = 95,462 / 11.794m gps = 8094 VSSP/M

changed vssp/m to 8094

2nd 14.53m x 8094 = 117,605.82 / 14.543m gps = 8086.764. Note close to my eye test on speed gps

changed changed vssp/m to 8087 ( rounded up as it's closest)

2.5 mini test 3.37m guino x 8087 = 27253.19 / 3.372m gps = 8082
Guino not having third digit it may mach here at 8087. I will ignore 8082 as distance was too small. Will test 3rd one tomorrow and post here.

Weird that our numbers differ. Could be GPS discreptencies between our units? Mine says it connects to 9-12 sats. That's crazy accurate if indeed app is accurate. Thing is if done on full tank 3 times you will get to accurate result anyway so it's just a matter of time. I don't mind waiting for precise number but would like to get very close soon if we can work with each other on those numbers. Let me know your thought whey you think mine is going down and yours is going up Our tire pressure is different but i can't believe that would be the difference? BTW i would not change your usec/gall data until you confirm few times your VSSPM is correct per link below.

"MicroSec/Gallon - use this to adjust displayed fuel consumption. You may want to readjust this initially to get a ballpark MPG reading (after VSS Pulses/Mile is deemed accurate), then calibrate it with a couple fillups. If the mpguino displayed MPG is high or the displayed tank gallons is low at fillup then reduce MicroSec/Gallon by the percentage that the gallons are low or the displayed mpg is high. Like the vss pulses, this would benefit from user contributions about what values work for what specific cars."
MPGuino - Combustory

Let me know what you come up with both VSSPM and usec/gal. I won't be changing usec until i get VSSPM right first after few tests.

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