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I don't know what to say, so by that logic on 400 mile tank you one will get to 6700's nuts man. Also then that would mean short term mileage would be off by large amount. See where I'm going with this? Something is very wrong here. Calculations alone and 5 test i did should yield same number and those number vary. I see you're dedicated! 78m just to test this device? Bro what bugs me there is plenty of people here with VX and guino i suspect and its just two of us figuring this out. That ain't right!!! Here is a good question. This device has been out for 3 yrs now and we know wiki numbers are off so that means in 3 yrs NO ONE got the number correct!!! Does that mean device a faulty? I dunno but again something here is very wrong. I will change usec number to wiki default just to test it out on that number but that should not matter. It seem like there is variable missing from Guino and its guessing. I must admit i do not understand everything fully but that's what this forum is for so people can chime in and help out. Not sure why that's not happening.

Is VSS on our VX so damn accurate that guino just reads incorrect values all the time? Dunno again. Something is messed up here.

Does VSS on VS needs to be adjusted for 2.5% difference in tire size? I do not think this is possible to adjust for in guino. I'm all guessing here.

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