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I got my gauge... now what?

Hi guys, i finally received my gauge (which works like ultragauge) and it works like a charm.

After playing around with it for a bit, I am stuck on what to choose to show on the screen.

It has two modes, 1 is idling and 1 is driving. Each mode can display upto 6 stats. And driving mode is turned on after speed reaches 5km/h.

So, what can I set it to display to help me save fuel? I have an automatic Accord.

Currently I have it set to display
1. load (%)
2. instant fuel consumption (L/h)
3. instant fuel consumption (L\100km)
4. trip fuel consumption (L\100km)
5. fuel status (close/open loop/open loop driving)
6. gas petal position (%) <----- this is at 20% when idling, can't go any lower

so pros, please give me some advice on what to show or how to use the gauge to train my driving style and save fuel.

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