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I am registered on garbageman's site and i periodically receive emails from him.This is the latest one that i got: Why do some skeptics scream their anger at us? The very people that are working for the same goals as we are accomplishing seem to be the most narrow-minded. I have been blacklisted at* *not once, but TWICE! And the Forum Owner didn't even bother telling the rest of the members posting that I was blacklisted, leaving them to think I simply vanished like a thief in the night. If any of you are members there, or wouldn't mind signing up for a bit, would you be so kind as to go there and look for Gadgetman? When you find the discussion(s) on The Groove, would you tell your side of the story? And just let the guys there know that I am for real." THIS GUY TRULY IS A WORK OF ART!!Shame on you for not telling him why he was banned! Hahaha
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