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Originally Posted by Nevyn View Post
Hello all! It's been far, far, faaaaar too long. But I've been around, and I'm here again.

I'm partially through assembly of a 1000 amp IGBT controller, just the same as I was 2 years ago (gasp! Has it been that long!?).

What's the current firmware?

If I'm programming via USBtinyISP and avrdude, what file do I need? A .hex, .c, or .h?

My chip is 100% raw. Do I need a bootloader?

I have this board (not that it matters):

I think this is what I used. It has been a while. avrdude needs to point to where the file is first.

avrdude -p m8 -c sp12 -P lpt1 -e -U flash:w:coug-unified-16km8.hex

RTD Explorer works easier.
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