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Mileage Increase

Hey everybody, just wanted to update everybody on my mileage increase. I'm up to 10mpg! That's that half of my tank consisted of work miles carrying landscaping equipment and hauling debris. This isn't incredible but its a definite improvement.

Kept myself from trying out full throttle (Its a 2 barrel)
Lowered fast idle mixture
Cleaned carburetor thoroughly of gunky oil buildup
Changed PCV valve
Utilizing Neutral especially when coasting steep downhills
Conserving Momentum
Reduced ride height at the rear (bled air from air shocks)

Checked to see if the brake is grabbing as recommended and it seems fine. Just seems like it needs an alignment still.

PS: Anybody have tips, articles, etc. on an aerodynamic El Camino build? I was thinking of finding an aftermarket/fabricating a front air dam and tonneau cover for starters.
1971 El Camino
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TH350 transmission
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