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Originally Posted by bestclimb View Post
When someone puts a Kammi back, or under body smoothing they may not have done any testing but there is real research (not just testimonials) as to why one could expect such a mod to work. On top of that they are not trying to sell the thing.

When selling something it is right to be held to a higher standard. When asked if he was able to provide evidence (not hearsay) he (Ron) balked.
Alright, I completely understand this! That's one of the reasons that I started the thread today that I did.

That said, what/how will I be able to show evidence...I'm open to this as much as you are, I'm just another guy in the world trying to "make it" and save some money...

How can any of us (in this case me) show tangible evidence that can be used as factual knowledge? I'm not doing this to defame my YouTube channel or my person...I just want the whatever form it takes.

I'm open to meeting up with anybody that is near me in the Carolinas!

Wayne, SC
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