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If the V is 4WD and If you have the time and not a lot of rust under the rear end, you can pull out the main drive shaft(propeller shaft), rear differential & the two rear drive shafts.

I've not weighed the parts, but I'm guessing between 100 & 150 pounds.
More importantly, you get rid of the dual pump load on the engine. (Added MPG).

Some people (like myself) don't actually use the RT4WD that much.
Since mine seemed to be going sour and the repair/replacement cost was so high,
I decided that we didn't need it anymore.

I'm not going to be trading mine in to a dealer, so I'm not worried about trade it value etc..

If I was going to re-install it, I would just take out the 3 shafts and leave
the rear diff in place. (drain oil & tape over the side axle holes) Those 3 shafts will only take less than 1/2 hour each to remove. The rear diff would take longer.

Or, take it to a shop.. With a lift and air tools, they could pull everything out in well under an hour. That's not much labor cost..

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