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for the gauge, I use 3 settings all the time and 1 is used variably. Always on is MPG, AVG, and *FWT. When you do the front blocking, it's good to have that coolant temp up at all times, especially when it gets real hot out or you add new blocking. The MPG and AVG are useful to see realtime MPG and AVG... between the two, you can usually see if something is going wrong with your current trip.

For the last spot, I usually shuffle between a few of them, pending on what I'm after. some times it's the intake air temp, especially after any mods to see how it effected my intake temps. GPH is usually pretty nice to watch, especially when coasting in idle to see where my consumption is at the moment. Big difference there between a cold start and a warmed up car!

LOD would be nice, but it doesn't seem to work right on my car for whatever reason... reads 12 all the time and never goes up above ~35. Throttle also doesn't work on my car... any other car I throw this thing on works fine, but this specific one... Ah, no biggie. Work with what you got!

Anywho, if you have a good memory, no need to write down your changes/results. I use mine for experimenting quite a bit, such as trying different techniques and routes. My memory sucks, but I can usually remember roughly what I get on one route versus another, or driving 55MPH versus 50-60 P&G. It's just great to be able to do this and not wait for an entire tank to go by to see the results!
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