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cheap, light-weight EV battery?

I just researched the "Braille No Weight Racing Battery" as a very lightweight battery to start an ICE car. I found it to be a re-badged and over-priced Deka, made in Reading, PA, normally sold as a motorcycle and ATV battery. Deka is evidently leading the battery industry in power/weight ratio, and "Big Crank" ( claims that this is a "deep cycle" battery. While it is conventional lead-acid, it uses "absorbed glass mat technology" so it can be discharged completely hundreds of times without damage, and can also be recharged rapidly, etc. Its specs are fantastic. For example, the ETX 14 weighs only 11.5 lbs and is only about 6" X 4" X 6" and yet the guys on say it starts their cars in cold weather with no problems! And the Deka ETX 14 sells for only $60 on !! So if it can indeed also be used on electric and hybrid cars as a deep cycle battery, why isn't everyone using it? It would save hundreds and hundreds of pounds, take up far less space and is cheap! Am I missing something here?

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