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Hm, so according to ecomodder's averages, you should be seeing a 10% change in MPG.

However, the general FE rule may still apply for you. In my area, traffic goes up when the weather is nice (when its warm out), so the higher MPG in warmer weather may be counter-acted by increased traffic.

Anyone know why FE goes up when its warm? I assume cold weather most affects the car while its warming up. A colder car takes longer to warm up and a car is least efficient when its cold (not to mention bad for the engine). Regular tires also perform worse when cold. That part makes sense to me.

However, isn't air denser when its cold? Isn't this the same effect as forced induction, jut without turbo or supercharger drag? Therefore wouldn't FE increase in cold weather, assuming the car is fully warmed-up? (By this logic, cold weather should increase FE for longer drives?)
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