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Which Way to East Vassalboro?

In another thread, this was posted:

I immediately thought of this classic bit of Maine/Down East humor by Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan in Bert and I:

Which leads to the inevitable question, What is your favorite Bert and I piece?

Maine-iacs, here's your chance to shine.

Please do us the favor of including a link to Marshall and Bob reading the piece.

NB: I cannot claim to be a Maine-iac. However, my family has owned property
in Oxford county since 19 & 27. My father's family has been in the area some
4 generations before him. He left to fight in WWII, and 'demobbed' and settled
in Baltimore to pursue his education at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. (Family
members -- but not me -- in four generations have graduated from Bowdoin.)
Having broken the continuous year-round occupancy chain, in our small town,
we are considered to be 'from away' but far superior to mere 'summer
complaints'. ;-)
Like the migratory birds, genetic memory draws us back each summer.

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