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Ok so i found out more info. With default usec the vss number that is a match is 8079 to the offset of xx.xx2 (yes that's tripple). I'm testing now 8080. I also found out why my numbers were off a bit. First thing with .xxx offset the gps can not be moved at all once it reset to zero and before numbers are written down cause move of hand impacts the offset. Second gps unit needs to reside as close on dash as possible as vss sensor is by wheel somewhere. So that is why GPS number were different.

I will get this number right and i'm 3/4 tank out now so by the time im empty i will then test usec and test long distance mileage as well. Tank mpgs show now 50.20mpgs for my vx. I use to get 45-48mpgs when it was colder. Now that is hotter it will jump. Also i bumped by tires prior to guino install from 34psi (for winter) to 45psi summer so it will bump mpgs as well. Seems right on the money considering adjustments i have made however i do remember my style of driving would not get me over 50mpgs very often. It always was close to that number 48-49.5mpgs. Use to get on my nerves. Hopefully guino will help with that but i'm in major city and driving like 90 yr old grandma doesn't really work here with amount of traffic. Anway hope this help everyone if some is curious. Again this is for stock vx with 175 somewhat worn tires.

Based on testing and what i have learned i would say that everyone needs to calibrate guino to their OWN car as tires size, tire WEAR, weight of car, what is in the trunk or if it's empty all impacts MPGS and number guino will spit out so default numbers are good for start but won't work exactly even if car is same year, make and model as there are differences between injectors wear, weight, tire size and tire wear which will impact your distance and MPGS so calibrate your guino to your own car based on default numbers.

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