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picked up my trailer off of craigslist a few years back for ~$200. steel frame, folds in half and stands up on it's end in my garage ( i've towed it with my now deceased 1996 nissan altima and now with my 2006 corolla. use it for runs to the dump, picking up mulch, moving furniture, transporting motorcycles, appliances, lumber, you name it.

cheaper than a pickup in every possible way. no gas. no insurance. almost zero maintenance. 1-time registration vs. annual registration fees. bed is actually bigger than most of the 4-banger pickups. doesn't take up a parking spot. the car i tow it with gets better mileage, even with the trailer than most pickups and still holds 4 people and has a trunk.

the *only* downsides... i suck at backing up the driveway with it and it can be a pain to park at home depot on a saturday.
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