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Exactly why I have 7 trailers. Each set up for a specific duty that the others can't or will be impracticle to do.
They go from a 30 ft flatbed capable of hauling 26' lengths of steel and tubing down to the lowly 4' x 7' pickup bed trailer the wife uses when she goes garge sale shopping on Saturday mornings in her 4 Runner. Never know when one is going to come in handy.

I do have a 3/4 ton Dodge Diesel to pull the big trailers when I've got to pull something heavy. But my daily driver is my TD Isuzu I Mark and it's set up so it can tow my motorcycle trailer with ease.

The only thing I have done is add electric brakes to all of my trailers to add to the safety of having them behind one of my vehicles. Nothing like having a trailer push your car forward in a panic stop situation when a few dollars investment would have put brakes on the trailer to avoid a costly accident.

I have towed doubles and gotten a lot of looks from people, but since the Dodge can pull like a house on fire, and all the trailer have working electric brakes I can stop and go both trailer with no problem. And yes, where I live pulling doubles is legal if the first trailer has brakes on it. All of mine have brakes and those that have rear hitches are wired for brakes at the rear hitch too!

Never understood why people will buy a $64,000 4x4 pickup to drive solo to work in.
I'd rather commute in my Diesel I Mark at 45 mpg. And leave the heavy work for the business to the Dodge when I need it.
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