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I skipped few pages, no sure anyone thought of or mentioned renting trailer when they need it?
Here in north Atlanta, on CL, they have trailer for rent at $35 per day.
I rented the 6X10 trailer, pull behind my 87' Mazda B2000 hualed a 1970 Subaru 360 body shell and full truck load of parts from Tenn. (over the Mt.)and back (over 1000 miles trip, Gasoline cost more than the trailer rental!)

I used to have a car hualer trailer, a Snowmobile trailer and Small ultility trailer; but they took too much driveway space and had to register every year and pay for the Tax on them.

I finally got rid of them, and just rent the trailer.
I've also got rid of my WVO burnning F250 and the B2000 truck now.
We have trailer hitch on all our cars except wife's Camry.
We still have the Suzuki Samurai and My WVO burnning TDI GOlf to tow small stuff and the Honda minivan for the heavy stuff.

But I 'm think of building a "swivel wheel" trailer to hual my mini/micro cars.
The thing I do not like regular axle trailer is I'm not very good at backing up!
Too easy to jacknife on me. with swivel wheel type trailer will not happend, but they are expensive to buy; usually over $2000, and I can't find any used ones yet!
So, I'm going to build it myself; there are people selling just the swivel wheel and suspension ($200) on ebay.
I'm thinking of buying the HF (Cheap) trailer and covert the wheels and axle into the Swivel wheel trailer for under $500

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