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2008 World Fuel Economy Championships - Scores

The initial scores are in and I'll try to keep the thread updated.

2008 World Fuel Economy Championships

Hypermilers currently scheduled to appear
  • Al Walker (Hobbit) Boston, MA -- Winner of the NJ “Tour to the Shore – Prius Class” FE Challenge.
  • Andrew McGuckin (PaleMelanesian) Longview, TX -- Recent overall winner of the 3-month Fuel Economy Challenge.
  • Auston Hensley (Lamebums) Covington, KY -- Hypermiling 3-Month FE Challenge coordinator.
  • Bob Winger (Bob Winger) VA -- Second highest HCH-II LMPG in the country.
  • Brian Morris (BailOut) Reno, NV -- Most fuel efficient Yaris driver on the planet.
  • Chuck Thomas (Delta Flyer) Dallas, TX -- Nationally known Honda Insight promoter.
  • Dan Bryant (Dan) Houston, TX -- Achieved 106 mpg at the HF2007 MPG Challenge.
  • Debbie Anders (DebbieKatz) Milwaukee, WI -- Recent 51 mpg tank in an FEH. Enough said.
  • Jerad Parish (Locutus) Madison, WI -- Winner of the HF2007 MPG Challenge at 110 mpg.
  • Jud Engles (Bestmapman) Cincinnati, OH -- Participant in the Lacey, WA MPG Rally.
  • Justin Fons (Citrus Insighter) Pewaukee, WI -- Insight Marathon and HF2006 MPG Challenge participant.
  • Ken Gordon (SlowHands) Elk Grove Village, IL -- 1908 to 2008 - 100th year anniversary Greatest Automobile Race reenactment participant.
  • Special guest to be named later
  • Mike Sirach (Msirach) Harrisburg, IL -- Prius, HCH-II and Insight owner
  • Rani Cardona (Tarabell) Los Angeles, CA -- Wrote the book on “Basic Hypermiling Techniques for the HCH-II.”
  • Sean Welch (Right Lane Cruiser) Coon Rapids, MN -- Owner/Admin
  • Wayne Gerdes (Xcel) Wadsworth, IL -- Owner/Admin
  • Wayne Bellas (GreenBlues) Camp Douglas, WI -- Owner HCH-I and Insight.
  • Larry Trowbridge (Diamondlarry) Elkhart, IN -- Achieved (3) 1,000 mile + tanks in his 07 Prius.

There were more invitations extended but not all proposed drivers could participate.

First pass of scores...
The results of the first three Prius runs are:

The FEH:

I'll try to keep all the threads updated. This is a cross-post, so apologies and disclaimers for any violation of netiquette.

CleanMPG - 2008 World Fuel Economy Championships
PriusChat - World Fuel Ecomony Championships
GreenHybrid - 2008 World Fuel Economy Championships - Scores

Houston Hybrid and Hypermilers Club <>

Best commute = 14.3mi @ 114 MPG (sg2)
Best (non-trivial) tank = 759mi @ 80.7 MPG (fcd)
MPG Centurion-Hybridfest 2007-Prius II-26mi @ 106 MPG (sg2)
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