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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
My Fiesta cost 10k and will cost 8k in fuel for 100k miles. Why would you think that using the most ineffecient vehicles for a comparison supports your position? Are there any MB or BMW V12 owners on this site? I'm fairly sure there are no Tesla owners.
Did you purchase that new? My Forester was five thousand, plus a thousand in unnecessary dealership fees, another two hundred for tinting that I never received, and $1,600 for a service plan that is only useful for my fourth and least expensive repair.

I have probably paid $1,500 in fuel.

I think that I would have been better off with a Festiva.

I am going to do a Google search for "How to Assume the Fetal Position." Maybe that would help.

As for Tesla, I imagine that plenty of people purchase [plug-in] Prii and that is enough of a status symbol. I do not think that hybrids or current electric cars are "the answer" by any stretch of the imagination, but if Tesla is successful, electric cars should improve faster than if they are not.

Please excuse me, I need to consult Google.
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