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Man, lots of stuff here! I read the first 40 posts and well, just have to say that I did the trailer deal for awhile until I pulled a pretty heavy load in my homemade 5x9 trailer and wasted a bearing in my light duty 1974 D100 Dodge slant 6 pickup. It hurt the rear bearing of the transmission (not the tail shaft bushing) and it was noisy in 1st and 2nd but not 3rd so I knew what was happening. After messing with that truck for 5 years, my next truck was a 79 D200 with 318, 410 gears, auto. It was a farm truck with onlly 30k miles and I got it cheap and the ac worked so it was pressed into service. Great truck and did all that I wanted and more but it only got 12 mpg. After several more 3/4 ton and 1 ton gas powered trucks, I finally ended up with a 97 2500 diesel ram. 25mpg on the highway (MT) and 19 in town in stock form. These days I don't drive it all that much but heck, I have it and it's paid for! I've also had several Dakotas but for the most part, they don't get very good gas least mine haven't but the one I have now didn't cost me anything and it's used as a 'yard cart' and parts runner and is left outside all the time. I'm surprised it's not rusty lol
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