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civic towing

Great Thread! For many years I have questioned friends and family (not too aggressively or you'll get punched in the face ) about why they need such a big pick-up/SUV. It usually boils down to transporting stuff to the dump, hauling fire wood, a peice of furniture, Home Depot, only a few times a year...for the rest of the year, they are driving around a gas-pig.

One of my friends, after discussing it with him, I realized he was making up for being short, 5' 3" by driving a 4x4 toyota and being high above the traffic. He justified having it because he hauls two truck loads of firewood a year. I suggested getting a smaller car with height adjustable seat and trailer the firewood, so for the remaining 364 days per year, he would get great mileage. It's hard to change cultural norms...

I had been towing with my '98 civic for many years, couchs, washer&dryer, etc. When I used to roadrace motorcycles and do "track days" I towed my bike 1000's of miles to race tracks (see pics). People would be shocked that I towed my bike. I'd tell the people to calm down and think rationally, trailer ~150lbs, bike ~450lbs, plus me, my gear, and toolbox....I'm still under the gross weight of the vechicle! I know it's not exactly the same as all the weight inside the car, but it's not grossly overloaded. I got >32 mpg at 70 mph.

I now have a hitch on my Chevy Sonic for occasional hauling...
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