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That was covered in Permalink # 568. But—for your convenience:
What the shale gas industry doesn't want you to know about fracking

Dangers of Fracking

The Hard Facts About Fracking

Why Ban Fracking? | Food & Water Watch
Quick Overview
Take Back the Tap
Radiation Impacts
Bottled Water
Federal Budget
New Yorkers Against Fracking
Fracking Action Center
Triclosan (Endocrine Disruptor)
Renew America’s Water
Water Privatization
Water Conservation
Groundwater Protection
World Water
U.S. Energy Insecurity: Why Fracking for Oil andNatural Gas Is a False Solution

Not to mention the Amish
Fracking is literally digging the hole deeper. If you stop sucking so greedily on the Big Oil teat, the deep, hot abiotic oil seeps upward and replenishes automatically. But that doesn't help the next quarter and the year-on-year, now does it?

Better: "U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions at 20-Year Low Thanks to BioChar"