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Originally Posted by Rokeby View Post
Frank Lee used it as the OP in the thread in Nov,2009:
Ah, thank you! I personally had never seen it, in all my hours browsing this site, so I assumed either it was stashed away somewhere in the deep past, or it just hadn't been uploaded.

Originally Posted by stillsearching View Post
The weight pushing down in the center would likely be fairly even in pressing down, but would it also be top heavy? I don't understand the physics involved but I assumed trailers connected low for a reason, and that weight distributing trailers which do some of the same job to equalize the tire pressure per wheel would hopefully be comparable.

If not I think the design should be implemented for heavier vehicles.

I've seen the vid before. Would think mileage would not be too great aerodynamically either as is or in potential vs aeromodded trailers. It's more for convenience.
I don't know that it would really be all that top-heavy, because the weight of the trailer would be over the trailer's wheels, for the most part. The weight of the tongue of the trailer and the little bit that hangs over the car itself is all that's planted on the car.
I guess the novelty and the convenience are what make it so cool to me.
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