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yo yo yo....ok so i finished my tank this weekend and got 48.66mpgs based on my tank and fill up and gunio was showing some 51.xx on it with default wiki usec, so i devided the numbers and came up with close to 3.xx % (exact # was taken) and multipied default usec (which btw is too high and incorrect for my car at least) then subtracted as it's too high and came up with usec 0268317044 but then my miles started to deviate (wtf) so did 12 mile run to gym and came up with new vsspm of 8214. My tank miles were very close of 1mpg after usec adjustment but i reset tank since then so after my vsspm adjustment i do not know what tank mpgs would be so now i have two new number which i'm going to test next tank on and round and round we Anyway i hope vsspm now not gonna throw tank mpgs off but i have a feeling it will so i may come up again with 3% margin of error. Thing is when adjusting one variable to get close you can not touch other but miles were off so i need to adjust that so this is messed up dude. My hope is to get to 1% or less tank mpgs difference.

What both numbers you were testing? BTW for you car you numbers will be different as you have mods and psi pressure i do not have. I'm testing all this on 45psi. BTW on side note did you notice any mpgs difference when you bumped from 45 to 50psi. I will not be adjusting pressure until my guino # are right but want to know. I wish i had 12 gal tank as mine 10 gal only gets to 390m mark at best, 400 if i ran her dry. Good to hear from you WD40


Did another run and now getting 8087 and matched mileage. Tomorrow will do another one. It seem to me that vsspm might be fluctuating so as long as it's match few times and then do usec match then that might be it.

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