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So a bunch of people who are crazy about reducing their fuel consumption and now arguing about why a Tesla makes sense, because rich people can now buy an electric car.

Not sure how many rich people you know or even what your threshold of "rich" might be asset wise but maybe, just maybe you don't know much about "rich" people.

Most of those I know who are financially "comfortable" wouldn't touch a Tesla with a ten foot pole.

Consider the success rate percentage of the electric car companies as a whole, and I think they got our tax money to boot.

Maybe Palm Beach Florida is where your "rich" people live.

Being worth a million (net worth), would you consider that as "rich". You think that millionaire is going to put that much of their net worth into an elecric car from a company with no history of long term reliability or even a potential service and dealership network that possibly won't even be here in 5 years.

In fact most of those around here who are wealthy, in the mulitple of millions of dollars in real net worth drive old cars just like us (or at least older) and don't give a damn about what others think about what they drive and have no desire to stick their wealth in other peoples faces, probably because they don't want to get abducted at gunpoint, and held for ransom.

Or maybe you are talking about those rich Hollywood types who can't drive a car a mile from their house without security.

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