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Small trip today

Went to my Aunt's ceremony. She passed away in April at age 102 so no condolences necessary.

About 40 miles each way, I reset the MPG indicaor on the Fiesta when I pulled out of the garage (cold engine). The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel was no problem today, either way, traffic was moving nicely at about 60+ MPH. I was doing 55-60 all the way there and back, some downhill neutral coasting was all of the techniques I used other than smart driving and an occasional draft.

At the bottom of the tunnel I had hit 55.2 MPG indicated. When I got off of 64 on Northampton (goes to the Bay Bridge Tunnel), my mileage peaked at 55.5 indicated. By the time I got home, it was 51.3 for the round trip. It's always is lower coming back due to increased elevation when heading west.

I know the gauge is slightly optomistic, but it should be over 50 MPG real time. the Fiesta has just over 17k miles on it now. Last year it had 3770 miles when I first bought it. I already had a 47MPG tank earlier this year. The temps here have been cooler than usual, but I think summer is close now. Maybe I'll get close to 50 MPG average tanks as long as I can stand to not run the AC. Not bad for an automatic (dual clutch 6 speed). Cheapest WalMart regular gas I can find was $3.089 with their 15 cents off a gallon if you use their card. Near my home it is right at 3.40 gallon.


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