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Modifying displayed digits/decimals


I've been using my MPGuino for a couple of weeks now and love it. However, I'm wondering if I can change the number of digits displayed by hacking the code slightly.

For instance, my preferred display is Instant/Current, which reads like this

IM075.45 SP055.43
CM048.34 DI156.65

It takes a second to focus on the info I want. What I'd rather see is:

IM 075.4 SP 55.4
CM 48.3 DI 156

The IM fluctuates so fast, theres no need for 1/100ths accuracy. I don't see myself going over 99mph in the Civic, so 2 digits there is fine. I guess what I'm saying is that I'd sacrifice some accuracy, and remove some leading zeros to have a cleaner screen if it was possible to modify the code. I didn't see a mention of it on the wiki.


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