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UFO is correct, the only important thing in this topic is what the computer ACTUALLY does when it sees a dead hole. not every car is the same, not every ecu prom is written the same, not every ecu has the same fail safe modes, etc. it is important that we not totally bash an idea because of a hunch we have that it will work or not. especially when no tests have been done to prove the otherwise.

that being said i have no experience in my personal vehicles type of tuning software, im sure others could explain it better. all i can do is post my findings in the mosts scientific way i can, using an afr gauge and monitoring the ACTUAL mixture coming out of my exhaust.

this morning when i got to work i wanted to pull into the lot and recreate a stop light. i pulled in and took a picture of my afr after 5,10, and 20 seconds of running. the afr bounced between 14.5-14.8 and i will include 3 pictures of that. then i walked out and pulled the number 1 injector off. with the notable misfire, the afr proceded to bounce between 17.7-17.9 at the same 5,10, and 20 second intervals. i will include 3 pictures of that. the ecu did not compensate the mixture it simply ran leaner. the only downside is the engine light came on, which i knew would happen. stacy can test this stuff easier because he already has the resistor wired in to prevent the light from coming on.

if the computer doesnt set the light on during the misfire and the same 17:1 afr is coming out of the tailpipe then it might be worth looking into more. this morning was a crap shoot, it couldve went either way. just so happens my ecu reacted in this manner. its not safe to say every other one will do the same
Burn lean and prosper \\ //
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