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Originally Posted by jeff88 View Post
Build one!
Maybe but you've drawn me into building an Arduino based one now. (I had to buy only the prototype board and some connectors.)

I'm still a little lost, so I'm not sure what you mean by integrating the acceleration #s, adding mass and KE and PE. I would like the inclinometer output, but if these numbers can give me other useful information, I would be open to looking into it.
That's probably trying run before walking but it's feasible.

Integration in the mathematical sense. If you have acceleration you can sum that over time to get velocity or measure the (x-direction) velocity directly with the speed sensor input. With x-direction velocity, KE=(m x v^2)/2.

Integrate velocity you have displacement. Use z-direction displacement to get PE=m x g x h. Where m = mass, v=velocity, g=gravitational acceleration, h=height from an arbitrary reference.

I can explain it further but maybe we should wait until the basics are sorted.
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