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Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
I would probably plug the two devices on a OBD-II splitter . What is the price of an OBDII C&C?
Congrats on your purchase and welcome to a small club.

My thoughts on your car.

1) Sort/check the grounds out in the engine bay they are vital.
2) Replace all the under body panels or make your own.
3) Fit the proper RE92 Bridgestone tyres and sell yours.
4) Buy the little dash trip switch pcb from the supplier on IC. (Insight central)
5) Read up on and or fit/build a grid charger it may improve your battery and keep it going for a long time.
6) Build and fit a MIMA manual IMA control device

Re OBDIIC&C I designed and built that device.
It can't work with another device on the OBDII port and neither can the Scangauge ASFAIK. But you don't need both anyway.
The cost of it is $50 for the blank pcb and software license.
Assembled and tested units cost around $150 on top of the above.
Read the large number of threads on it at IC.
The lead time for built units is quite long so you are best to buy a pcb and build your own at the moment. All the details are on IC.

Although this is a good forum the main technical discussions surrounding the Insight take place on IC ASFAIK. I suggest get yourself logged on over there as well.

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