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Toyota Yaris D4D 64mpg av
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My Toyota Yaris D4D 60mpg+ avg

Hi There,

I'm from the Netherlands , 20 years old, student automotive.

When I just got my driving license I drove this Austin Mini Van 1.3 which we still have (in a deep sleep, in a small corner in the garage)

Then I got myself an other mini (the left one ) :

My daily car is a 2004 Toyota Yaris P1 , 1.4 D4D. In the past 12 months I averaged pretty good (62 mpg) , but I already averaged 79 mpg in the summer using 'hypermilling methods'. Factory average fuel consumption is 54 mpg.

The car mods :
Removed rear seat and parcel shelf
Toyota T-sport alloy wheels (15 inch instead of the stock 14 inch steel )
15mm lowered ( complete T-sport suspension)

Not so good eco mods :
185-55-15 all weather tires ( E category on fuel consumption )
Toyota t-sport side skirts
Toyota T-sport front seats (kind of bucket seats )

i'm pretty handy whit cars so I do everything myself. Including air-conditioning and cruisecontrol builds.

A might have an other nice eco project but I will tell you guys later about it..


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