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This what I have used. Items in brackets I could have omitted. The exact parts list will depend upon how you want to arrange the parts.

Gduino Parts List


Hitachi HD 44780 compatible display module
+/-1.5g 3-axis analog output accelerometer board

Other parts

16 wire ribbon cable
prototype shield board
(2 x 100nF capacitors)
(PCB mounted momentary tactile switch)
(1k 1/2W resistor)
4 core twisted pair, solid core telephone cable (With the outer insulation stripped off this gives 8 color insulated solid core wires for the circuit board connections.)
(6.0mm (1/4" ) heatshrink)
14 pin Oupiin circuit baord to ribbon cable connector
2 of (8 x 1) pin and 2 of (6 x 1) pin header pins


resin cored solder
(solder wick/braid)


USB a - USB b cable


Soldering iron
Wet sponge or cloth (to clean the soldering iron)
blade (craft knife or box cutter)
wire cutter
wire stripper

I have a quick and dirty sketch running that displays the x, y and z g readings in g. The $100 (actually just under $90) pendulum is up and running.
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