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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Xist, I just logged in as you, and did not experience the problem. (Are you using any privacy type of software that manages cookies?)

I searched and couldn't find anything with the same symptoms.

Sent you a PM just now to see how it affects things for you.
Well, if anyone was wondering why I was logged in and did not say anything random and confusing, that would explain it!

I use Opera and it uses its artificial intelligence to bring about my eventual downfall. I had a girl over and she asked "What's that?" and then immediately continued "Use Firefox! It's better!"

Without even knowing what I was using, how could she determine that it was inferior?

I think that is like one story I read on here where some girl was bragging about the 35 MPG or whatever she got in her Prius and then asked an Ecomodder what he got in his "piece of junk," so he invited her to see his 90 MPG for herself, on his instrumentation.

I think that he had an Insight.

I think that Firefox asks how you want to handle pop-ups when they happen. I wanted to tell Opera to enable ones for this site, but I did not see the option until I hunted it down just now.

However, even after turning notifications back on, I am not seeing anything.

As I told Metro, "First-world problems."

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