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I'm sorry if the ad is not perfect or seems sloppy. There is just way too much to describe in a ad (and I doubt everyone reads every word of the ad) i'd rather that potential buyers just come and check out the car in person. I have a binder full of maintenance records to show you as well as the original title and current title, etc. If I had to nit pick every single "problem" with this car...currently the passenger side mirror glass is broken (neighbor thought it's acceptable to break it because I parked in front of his house)...the whole mirror is there minus the glass, IAC valve is dirty (idle sits low sometimes), A/C tensioner bearing is making noise (when A/C is turned on the noise stops and I spoke to my mechanic and he said this is one of those problems more or less that just annoys you till you change it to keep yourself from going insane) and that's it. ALSO, the paint was unfortunately not looked after by the first owners and can definitely use a professional detail although I did a pass over it with some wax and it improved A LOT. So if you're not OCD about the paint a few weekends of detailing will definitely bring the shine back (it's already shiny just can be better). I just want to be honest.
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