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Chin spoiler question/air dam question

Hey Guys,

OK, I have finally begun the aero mods of my C-Max. So far I have made Lexan wheel covers. Next I want to look at a few items that are "Low hanging fruit". The main couple would be to complete the belly pan as it is non-existant from the rear doors back to the bumper as well as the chin spoiler/air dam. Before I do anything I want input from you guys as I am somewhat new at aero modding (bear in mind, I can fabricate anything, I can TIG weld, machine, etc).....

I have already asked this question, but I believe I did not phrase it well. So, I want to ask it again before I embark on a bunch of labor building stuff....

Here is the deal, my car already has a belly pan under the nose. However, the chin is 9 inches off the ground and the lowest part of the pan (roughly just behind the front axles) is only 6 inches off the ground. I know the smooth pan under that area smooths the airflow. However, I cannot get around the thought that the air is being compressed there as it goes from the 9 inch high nose to the 6 inch high pan rear section. So, my thought is to lower the nose to the 6 inch height that the rear of the pan sits. I have had at least one person tell me I would be increasing the frontal area and that would negate any additional benefit the reduced under side turbulence would give. However, my thought is, the frontal area already is composed of that lower pan area, so if I lower the nose to match, the car still has the same frontal area.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about this? I assume it is better to divert the air around and over the car rather than accellerate and compress it under the car......

What do you guys think?


Oh, here is the wheel cover picture. It is hard to see anything because the cover is clear.

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