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Open Revolt pre charge circuit

Ok tech guru's I have been looking at the wiring/board diagrams for the open revolt trying to figure out why the pre charge thingy isn't working. I wanted to include a picture but can't seem to get it sized right. So I am going to try to describe my question.

On the controller board where the p-channel mosfet (Q1) is, I see that 12v is on the outer side of Q1. On the board diagram there is an indication that this 12v is also routed through the board to a resistor "R5" Via Q1. Does that sound right? If so, then when I check conductivity through from the outer pin of Q1 (p-channel mosfet) to the resistor, I get no indication of connection. Also when I check power from the outer pin of Q1 with power on, I get 12v, but when I check the outer side of R5, I get "0". So if I am looking at the diagram right, shouldn't there be 12v between the outer pin of Q1 and R5? If I am right here doesn't that mean that there is a problem on the circuit board?
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