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please tell me

Originally Posted by ChazInMT View Post
First off, Thank You Phil for staying with us here in this Forum. Your insights are truly appreciated by me and everyone else I'm sure.

Here I made a "Digital Copy" of your AST-II and maintained the 1.7 aft portion per your guidance in the last post. It is within a pixel or 2 of what you have drawn, I did leave out some details and took the liberty of "Arching" the angle measurements.

I must say the degree of precision in your drawing becomes apparent as I was tracing it, it is difficult to explain why I say that, but it is very noticeable as I used my drawing tools as to how close you come to some very ideal curves. My hat is off to you once again.

Please tell me if this offends you somehow and I'll delete it from here immediately.

This is a small version.

Click HERE for a big (1786 x 887) full resolution detailed JPG version
It's great! These images I post are done on 11X17-inch stock with mechanical pencil and french curves.And they can't approach the accuracy of a CAD -type work with the curve-fitting tools available.
If members attempt to scale -up the images for bulkhead measurements,my bumpy drawings would require the 'curve-fitting' that the CAD accomplishes.
When I fabricate,I must use a 20-length of Schedule-40,1-inch PVC pipe to bend over the bulkhead stations to dial in a smooth curve.
With the computer images members can go right to an accurate measure.
Way better! And muchas gracias for all the computer magic!
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