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The current was being updated in code at 1kHz I think, and the resolution was 1 tick per amp. It required fairly significant changes so that now it's 64 amps per second minimum. Unfortunately, the code change was done in AVR Studio, so it won't work with the bootloader, as far as I can tell. I did test it on a motor and it worked as expected though. Also, the pinouts were different since it was a different board. haha. But there were only a couple pins different, so it would be an easy fix.

I guess we just need someone to compile it at the command line of linux. I used to have a dual boot with linux and windows, but that computer crashed and took all the code with it. Each time I used Linux, before compiling things in linux, I used to have to type 3 random commands which made no sense to me. I don't remember what they were now, and there were several obscure changes to the default C build environment too. Some changes to "delay.c" that comes with linux, and other weird things. It took Fran all of a saturday to walk me through getting it ready. It's totally not repeatable by me.
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