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IGBT Controller Testing

Hi, I just wanted to make an update on my IGBT based controller. Just a refresher I've got three 400 amp IGBTs with independent drivers. The drivers all get the same signal from the Rev 2c control board. For capacitors I'm using three C4DE HPQ6150A8TK caps (600v 150 uF). I've swapped the HASS300 current sensor for a HASS500 without any software mods, which effectively increases the current to 5/3 of what the controller thinks it's doing.

I finally have the entire battery pack installed (70x 60 Ah CALB cells), and this was my first real test drive at greater than 80v. Fully charged it was 246 volts. I had an uneventful 4 mile drive last night topping out at 50 mph. I've "detuned" the max motor current to 313 Amps and limited the battery amps to 180 while I test things out. The controller is liquid cooled and the chill plate was slightly warm to the touch. This is all in ~90 F Arizona temps. I don't have any RTD data because my laptop battery wasn't cooperating, but hopefully I'll fix that tonight.
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