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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Frank,Al printed your image for me and then I enlarged it,along with an image -reverse......It would have Cd 0.08,allowing for ground proximity,and sides tapered and rolled like a Spitfire wingtip.
I like it. And it doesn't have my 'bumpy' lines!
If it looks like a wing, then what sort of lifting forces are we talking about?

..........from page 50
Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
This Generation-II 'Template' was 'built' from a different L/D= 2.5 streamline body of revolution.I've identified it's source within the image.
*As a 'free-air' body,it would have Cd 0.04
*As a half-body in mirror-image ground proximity it would have Cd 0.08.
*Adding wheels would bump it up to around Cd 0.13
*Adding wheel fairings would lower the Cd.
Aerodynamic forces acting upon a car body

Are there any posts showing the center of internal volume, lift (center of pressure) or mass based (if based on a FWD car) for the 3D aero-template?

Aerodynamic forces acting upon a car body
Quote: of pressure point CP where NCP = 0
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