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Tesla not waiting for your charging infrastructure...

Take Charge!...of supplying the juice. Tesla is planning to create a national network of high-speed 120 kW 'Supercharging' stations.
Fantastic Henry Ford-like vision, own your own proprietary 'fueling' infrastructure to your own brand EVs, and wait for it, charge it for free, for life!

Tesla Supercharger network goes nationwide, gets quicker [w/video]

It is an obvious analogy, Tesla (remember it not just a car company but a technology company) has seen & learned from the exponential growth of another industry, cellular communications. In the beginning of that industry it was not popular & problematic because early suppliers were limited to radio range & signal strengths, but soon widespread hexagonal cells and logical coverage made it practical and commonplace. Think of it as cellular-ization of EV transportation, and Tesla owns it first.
Hmm, another history lesson, a REVERSE General Motor Streetcar conspiracy...and hopes the same old major industries does not not BLOCK Tesla's idea(s).

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