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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Wheel skirts would a much less drag from the wheel wells; not just a little.
Yeah, but wheel skirts are also more of a hassle to fab up yourself, engineer so they stay attached yet have easy access to the wheel, etc. Plus, putting the car closer to the ground improves the fineness ratio, as well as preventing some airflow under the car without the use of an airdam. I'm a little biased (I have my car lowered a couple of inches for these very reasons), but lowering does mitigate several issues in one fell swoop...and unlike a lot of what we do here, there's already wide public acceptance of the practice, to the point of manufacturer support (TRD, in this case). At least they're heading in the right direction, even if most people do it for reasons other than efficiency.

Besides, I'm not sure F8L will want to go put home-made wheel skirts on his new car

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