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So I was browsing around the other threads on the forum and I came across this post from Frank (Aerodynamic baseline #9)

Speaking of "enclosed cars", I've been meaning to comment for several months now that it appears our two resident home-built recumbent streamliner bikes have fallen off the map just when it looked like real progress was happening. What's up with that?

And it made me feel both guilty and proud

Assuming of course this blog is one of the offending ”two home built recumbent streamliners”, then the guilt comes from not providing enough information about progress and issues, for those following the build.
But the pride comes from “just when it looked like real progress was happening” which is a fine endorsement from one of the most grounded contributors on the forum.

So what’s up with that? Well, put simply, I feel reluctant to post trivial items. My hope is that each post I make will be of some value and will mark some important step in the process. From time to time it feels like I’m making no progress and the work ahead looks beyond my limited resources, but then I look at how far things have come and I realise that road testing this year is a realistic goal.

I can post more, but I think quality is more important than quantity.
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