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So....not knowing anything about aerodynamics at all....what does this all mean? Are the most of us with factory "venting" of the engine bay (up around the wipers) benefiting or being hurt with the factory set up? Would extra engine bay venting (vents facing towards the back) help or screw up the "flow" over the hood? Or would moving more air through the engine bay hurt by lowering the engine temps?

I have thought about adding some some extra venting to the hood of my Ranger, but I also have a 100% upper grille block and a 50% lower grille block and now I have no fan as the fan clutch locked up over the winter and I just removed it. No extra drag from the fan but also less airflow. As of yet I don't over heat but summer is coming.

Is it better to block or restrict all airflow from the frontal area and just let the engine be cooled with airflow from the underside? And if so, is the factory "venting" enough?

Apologies the OP. Not trying to thread jack. Just very interested. Thanks
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