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Originally Posted by jackbauer View Post
Re-moc is alive! Video uploading .........
...where is this video , please? ( I have checked your youtub profile but is not there)

After my second set of mosfet failed, I have decided to put more of them in TO220 case
- I want to change IRFP4668PbF for irfb4115gpbf (150V 11mohm 70A ) 22 pieces

1. I want to ask is mic4451YN can manage those 22 mosfets? And do I need to change resistors gate parametrs ?

Data S:

MOSFET Ciss Input Capacitance ––– 5270 ––– pF x22=115940 pF
mic load drive is 62000 Pf looks it is not good
or I need to check just Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage it is 100nA and mic can work on 2A - I am not so sure is this is OK.

2. What about resistors, have they need to be amended?

3. Another important question I aware my fail could happened becouse of spikes from motor could produce over voltage - can I protect my controler with some kind diode or transil installed on motor? (Motor parametrs 80V 200A 13.5 KW DCseries)

For any help thank you in advance.

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