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mpguino (opengauge) is the right gauge for you because your car does not have OBD2 port.
I am providing assembled mpguinos - check here MPGuino trip computer - MPGuino

What gauges you get? (units are in metric here, MPG version has gallons and miles)
* 2 different trips, can be cleared separately (current, tank)
* battery voltage, charging voltage when engine is running (V)
* engine revolutions (RPM)
* fuel consumption per hour (L/h)
* how far you can drive with remaining fuel (DTE - distance to empty)
* how many liters fuel is consumed in current/tank trip (L)
* instant mileage, current trip mileage (fuel consumption) (L/100km)
* current/tank trip distance (km)
* travel time in minutes (hh:mm)
* instant speed, trip average speed (km/h)
* current trip cost (fuel price can be set in settings)
* fuel consumed in idle (L)
* EOC (engine off coast) kilometers, "free kilometers" (km)
* mileage bargraph (every bar in graph is 2 min average fuel consumption - shorter bar means smaller consumption in metric mode)
* "400m DragRace", this screen measures quarter mile accelleration, trap speed, 100km/h accelleration in seconds, calculated horsepower.
__________________ - get assembled mpguino from here!

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