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Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
Well Today there was a causality. Tonight I was trying to figure out why the controller in my golf cart was acting up. Well as it turns out, A bolt that holdes the heat sink to the case came loose and caused the controller to rock back and forth. In doing so, it kept shorting out and stressing something. There is actually a chunk missing of the case from where it was shorting.

Here is a graph of controller operation before I found the short.

You can see that current is in the range of 133A with 0 throttle....Something wasn't right.

Well once I found the short, and corrected it, I took the car for a ride. It went great for about 5 minutes. The I heard the dreaded pop. I look back at the controller and there was some smoke. ...

Adam, please tell me is this above failure of your Coguar 2.0 was becouse of some kind short and rocking of the controller, have you published what really happened? I am diging this could I still think about my mosfets blowned up.

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