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2005 and newer Subaru Legacys. Whats are best mods for hypermiling.

I have done a search of subaru owners on here and can't find anyone with 2005 or newer subaru.

I've read some great tricks that people have done to get their late 90's to early 2000's AWD subaru's up to 32 mpg, but my 2005 legacy already gets up to 32 mpg stock by driving like I don't have breaks and doing 55-65. I'm not sure if my MPG inefficiencies are the same or as bad as the older subaru's.

I never wanted a big AWD car cause of the weight and AWD i figured would kill my MPG. But my 2005 3300 lb Subaru Legacy wagon is rated at 30 as apposed to 2004 and before which were 25. I want to make it the most efficient AWD vehicle i possibly can.

I have no idea where my major efficiency losses are on the car and what to target. I 'm hoping someone has some knowledge and experience with subaru's from the last 9 production years. Although I don't think the 2.5 engine hasn't change much at all from its inception.

All I do is :
Synthetic motor oil.
KN air filter.
Tires at 38 psi.
Coast down all hills, (Sometimes with engine off)
DWB as much as possible
Minimize weight.
Try to keep it as tuned up as possible
(check engine light is on for a P0420, but subaru catalytic converters are crazy expensive and my MPG's are too good to want to spend the money on new Cats when I'm guessing mine are around 95% efficient.

I can get over 44 mpg driving 55 drafting two seconds behind of semi trucks... but i know how illegal that is.

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