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The data coming from Lake El'gygytgyn strongly suggest that the Arctic climate is highly sensitive to small changes in forcing, warming much faster than the rest of the world in the phenomenon known as Arctic Amplification. In recent years, Arctic Amplification has emerged as a strong modern-day climate signal. To cite but one example, the sea-ice response has been of far greater magnitude than model-based forecasts projected. Now, the past is giving a similar narrative, and understanding the climate of the past gives us our best chance of understanding the climate of the future.
This part is confirmed by physics, the energy radiated by a body is


Where e is the emissivity with earth radiating at 90% at the temperatures observed.
0.000000056704 is a constant
and T is the temperature in Kelvin.

With the amount of energy radiated dependent on T^4 lower temperatures will be more sensitive to changes in input over higher temperatures.