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Its a 2005 legacy wagon with a 5 speed manual.

The outbacks are the same car with same engine and transmission, just beasted out with bigger tires, roof rack and higher suspension.

Its amazing out much those factors knock down the fuel efficiency. EPA they are 28 on the highway i think, and my car is 30. Suprised you only were getting 27. Maybe my manual 5 speed gives me an advantage.

Looking at the wagons they look really aerodynamic so that supports their efficiency.

If this 3300 lb AWD car was rated at 30 mpg, I wish they made a front drive verson for even better mileage.

In city driving it can drop to 22 mpg, but my lifetime average is around 28 mpg. I do mostly highway.

I have a trailer hitch on it to. I can tow a flatbed pop up frame trailer with a motorcycle and still get in the high 20's.

I'm hoping to find someone who has modded their 2005 and newer subaru for mid 30's mpg's.
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