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Road rage tales

On Thursday I was taking the 'long way' to work in my STi. That route has a highway onramp to die for, a long, arcing 360 degree decreasing radius beauty that just makes my day. Except on Thursday there was a bluehair in a Mercedes doing 20MPH all the way around. Ah, well.

When we got almost to the end of the onramp, there were 2 SUVs stopped in the opposite lane. The drivers (both white males with gray in their hair) were out of their vehicles, and they were gesticulating and screaming at each other. I stopped, shouted at them to get their attention, pointed out what a beautiful morning it was and why don't we all just go our own ways and have a day. The one guy looked at me, took a breath, shrugged, and started heading back to his truck. The other one fired another verbal barrage, and they were back at it.

I shrugged and drove away. It really was a beautiful morning and I had spent enough of it on them.

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